Tour Guides

Emmett Blois

Emmett was born and raised in Hants County, Nova Scotia on a dairy farm. He has extensive training as a rafting tour guide and has been navigating the waters of the Shubie River for the last 12 years, so trust us, you will not be disappointed! As a top 3 contestant on the hit Canadian television show Big Brother Canada and Amazing Race Canada, Emmett will give you the tour of a life time. 

Justin Mosher

​Justin Mosher is an electrical engineer but has a passion for rafting. He has been on the river since the summer of 2006. He prides himself on being among the best guides the Shubie River has to offer. Laughs, big waves, and lasting memories are all part of his specialty, so hold on and let Justin take you for an adventure of a lifetime!


Harold is a pilot for Air Canada and the life of the party. Keeping people safe is his top priority as he does this everyday for a career! Not only will he have you in stitches the entire trip but he'll make sure you're having fun and comfortable the whole time! Come join Harold for one of the best experiences of the summer.